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Get answers to your questions about tenant rights in NYC.

How to Navigate NYC Housing During Coronavirus

COVID-19 has changed the way the housing process in New York City and around the world. Learn how to navigate NYC housing during coronavirus.

Rent Freeze vs. Rent Cancellation: Why They’re Different, and What That Means For NYC Renters

Use this guide to understand the differences between a rent freeze, rent cancellation, and more, as well as get updates about NYC rent laws.

New York Eviction Moratorium FAQ

Learn more about the current NY eviction moratorium and your rights as a New York City tenant during the coronavirus health crisis.

There’s Mold in My Apartment: What Do I Do?

Have a mold problem in your apartment? Take these steps to learn what your landlord is legally required to do to fix the problem.

How to Find Eviction Assistance Programs and Resources

Do you need help because your landlord is trying to evict you? Learn more about eviction assistance programs and resources that are available.

What to Do When You Get An Eviction Notice

What can you do when you get an eviction notice? Learn your options for taking action.

Where Can I Find My Public Eviction Records?

Knowing what’s in your public eviction records can help you prepare to rent a new place and clean up your credit. Use these steps to find your records.

What is the Fair Housing Act?

Learn how the law works, who is protected, and how the Fair Housing Act applies to you.

NYC Heat Law: Know Your Rights

Learn about the New York City Heat Laws.

There Are Bed Bugs in My Apartment: What Do I Do?

Learn what your landlord is required to do to fix the problem and what you can do if they don’t take action.

How To Break A Lease

Need to move out fast and find out how to break a lease? Learn more about how to avoid penalty fees

How Much Can a Landlord Charge for Damages?

Find out what’s normal wear and tear and what kinds of damages you may be liable for.

I Think My Landlord Is Overcharging Me: What Do I Do?

Are you suspicious that your landlord is overcharging you?

Housing Discrimination Examples and Where to Find Resources

Have you been discriminated against in your housing search? Read on to find examples of housing discrimination and how to fight back.

How Long Does A Landlord Have To Make Repairs?

Find out how long you need to wait to file a complaint.

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