Technology for Housing Justice partners with grassroots organizations to create better support for systems for New York City's excluded communities.

The Problem We Are Addressing

New York City is currently experiencing a period of unprecedented development combined with heightened inequality. These changes have brought new levels of harassment and neglect from landlords seeking to displace longstanding communities from their neighborhoods. As a result, tenants in these communities are left to rent apartments in a state of shocking disrepair: without adequate heating, exposed to wind and weather, infested with mold and vermin.

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Check out our yearly Annual Impact Reports to learn more about our impact and hear stories from the tenants we serve.

Who We Serve

Substandard housing quality exists in NYC at a breathtaking scale. According to the most recent Comptroller's report, around 1.2 million New Yorks live in "deficient" housing. This means that all any given time, their homes have 3 or more open code violations present and unaddressed.

Currently, the resources available for tenants to address these issues - such as filling complaints with city and seeking pro bono legal services - tend to be capacity constrained, hard to navigate, and difficult to understand.

As the city of New York allocates millions of dollars to increase advice and counseling for tenants in these situations, non-profit legal service organizations are facing the need to scale at an unprecedented rate. This is where we believe can make a meaningful impact. Using data and technology, we can equip tenants with easy-to-use tools to document their issues and stretch resources further within the pre-existing ecosystem of organizations, in turn serving many more individuals and families in need.

Our Approach

The core focus of our work is centered around the existing eco-system, outlining the points at which technology can facilitate crucial work already being done. We are here to augment, not replace these invaluable in-person resources - such as local organizing efforts and pro bono legal services - by streamlining how they track cases, communicate with tenants, and handle referrals. We are also invested in integrating municipal services, such as 311 complaints and housing inspections, as a way to provide more context-rich data and analytics to the city agencies responsible for addressing these issues.

Community Led Development

Community Led Development

Human Centered Design

Human Centered Design

Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement

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We are currently seeking partnerships and further collaboration with any groups or individuals dedicated to tenant’s rights in New York City. Please contact us you are interested in discussing further or would like a demonstration.

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