How to Find Eviction Assistance Programs and Resources

Written by Ingrid Haftel
Updated 11/12/2019

If your home is threatened by eviction, you might feel alone or helpless to stop it. Eviction assistance programs and resources can help you understand your options—and learn what you can do to fight back.

Who has the right to a free lawyer?

Right to Counsel (RTC) is a law that guarantees tenants the right to a free lawyer to defend their eviction case. Right now, the law only applies to people who live in certain zip codes and make a certain amount of money or less (called being “income eligible”). It covers all types of eviction cases and tenants (Section 8, public housing/NYCHA, rent stabilized, people who live in houses). People of all immigration statuses qualify. And even if you’re not income eligible, you may still qualify for a free legal consultation. The goal is for all zip codes to be covered by the program by 2021.

Eviction Free NYC can help you figure out if you qualify for a free lawyer under Right to Counsel. Even if you don’t qualify, the tool will suggest other resources in your area that you can reach out to. Read on to see what other steps you can take.

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What can you do if you don’t have the right to a free lawyer?

No matter who you are or where you live, there are things you can do to take control of your eviction case. Eviction Free NYC can help you figure out next steps, including which courthouse to visit and the schedules of nearby no-cost legal clinics that you can visit before your court date. The site even gives you the option to text the information helpful for your case right to your cell phone.

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Want to take action?

Respond to an eviction notice

Learn how to respond to an eviction notice and connect with legal resources with Eviction Free NYC.

Fight Back!
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Learn more about the fight to defend tenant housing rights

Check out the Right to Counsel NYC Coalition for more information on the fight for housing rights in NYC and what you can do to help build more power for tenants.

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