Technology for Housing Justice co-designs and builds tools for tenants, housing organizers, and legal advocates fighting displacement in New York City.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to galvanize a 21st century tenant movement working towards housing for all — and we think the power of data and technology should be accessible to those fighting this fight. Our vision is to provide tools that make it easier for tenants to know and exercise their rights. We are driven by the belief that all NYC residents deserve a dignified tenancy, with access to legal representation, social services, and opportunities to organize while navigating the complex and currently inequitable world of housing.

Read about our Impact

Check out our yearly Annual Impact Reports to learn more about our impact and hear stories from the tenants we serve.

Our Approach

We augment, not replace, the support systems and resources that work to keep tenants in their homes and communities. Without reinventing the wheel, we leverage technology to break down the barriers of a bureaucratic and imbalanced housing system, and accelerate the goals of the tenant movement to end displacement and provide housing for all.

Interested in partnering with

Our partnerships center the experiences of tenants, organizers, and legal advocates, and help us share ideas and insights, as well as ensure our tools get to tenants at risk of displacement. If interested in partnering in any way, please reach out.

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