Technology for Housing Justice co-creates tools with tenants, organizers, and legal advocates to fight displacement and achieve stable, healthy housing for all.

Our Vision

Housing is a human right. We believe all tenants deserve dignified housing that helps them thrive in all parts of their lives - and that technology plays a supportive role in equipping tenants and the housing justice movement with the tools, information, and organizing power critical to this fight for racial and economic justice.

Our Mission co-creates tools with tenants, organizers, and legal advocates to fight displacement and achieve stable, healthy housing for all, leveraging the power of data and technology to support individual and collective action for housing justice. 

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Check out our yearly Annual Impact Reports to learn more about our impact and hear stories from the tenants we serve.

Our Theory of Change

Here’s what we’re fighting for: A world where housing is a human right and serves as a strong foundation for tenants, helping them thrive in all aspects of their lives. 

But here’s the status quo: Our society’s drive towards profit means that tenants often come last. Corporate interests, weak regulations, and negligent and exploitative landlords make housing unsafe, unstable, and unaffordable. Our government doesn’t guarantee housing as a right for all, and frequently fails to enforce basic tenant protections. Pathways to justice are often unknown or inaccessible to tenants, and those in power rarely face accountability. For Black, Indigenous, and other communities of color, these housing challenges are inextricable from histories and policies of disenfranchisement that have concentrated power away from their communities. 

We can intervene: By leveraging technology and our deep partnerships with movements for tenants rights and housing justice, we can support tenants to take action and build power collectively and individually, on their own terms. Together, we can address tenants’ urgent problems while co-creating a different future.

Here’s how we fight for individual tenants and the housing movement: With our community partners, co-creates tools that support tenants, community organizers, and advocates to take action to address inequitable housing conditions. We use open data to demystify key information for tenants about their homes and landlords and make bureaucratic processes accessible to tenants seeking justice and accountability. We stick to what tech does well and in parallel connect people to other resources, especially when technology falls short. And we partner with people across the tenants rights movement to build our collective knowledge, vision, and power. When dignified, equitable housing becomes our default, our lives and societies will be transformed.

Interested in partnering with

Our partnerships center the experiences of tenants, organizers, and legal advocates, and help us share ideas and insights, as well as ensure our tools get to tenants at risk of displacement. If interested in partnering in any way, please reach out.

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