Where Can I Find My Public Eviction Records?

Written by JustFix.nyc
Updated 06/23/2020

If you’ve been evicted or sued by your landlord, that information gets recorded in public eviction records. What’s in your personal records can cause all kinds of trouble, from making it harder to rent a new apartment, to lowering your credit score. And it’s possible for something to be in your records without you knowing about it. That’s because if your landlord takes you to Housing Court, a judge can rule against you without you being there. Read on to find out more about why your public eviction records matter and how you can access them. If you’re currently fighting an eviction, check out Eviction Free NYC to locate free legal help.

Why should I care about what’s in my records?

Housing Court judgments against you—including evictions and orders to pay back rent—can have consequences long after they happen. They can show up in your “tenant screening report,” which landlords can use to decide whether they’ll rent to you. Judgments can also show up in your credit report. And even if you satisfied the terms of the judgment—like paying the rent you owed to your landlord—an eviction might still be on your records. By knowing what’s in your records, you can take steps to fix problems that come up.

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Where can I find my public eviction records?

Your public eviction records are kept by the Housing Court. There are two places you can access your records: online and in person at a Housing Court help center.

  • Find your records online

Visit the New York State Unified Court System’s eCourts service to look up your public eviction records. (Use the ‘Party’ search option to search by name.)

  • Find your records at a Housing Court help center

All Housing Court help centers have computers you can use to look up your records. You can find addresses for Housing Court help centers in each borough.

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Once I know what’s in my records, what can I do next?

Check out these resources from Housing Court Answers for more information on how to take action:

If you’ve “satisfied” the terms of a judgment, you may be able to get it removed from your records.

There are steps you can take to try to improve your credit score.

If you need to fix information that shows up on a tenant screening report, you should get help from a housing lawyer.

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